If you have more questions please contact the Walking Visionaries Awards Team at the e-mail address: awards@walk21vienna.com.

What is the minimum requirement for my submission to be accepted?

The minimum information required is the main project image and the short description of the idea/project you are submitting. Please note that the better and more coherent your description is the more likely it will be understood and awarded during the public voting. The Walking Visionaries Awards Team reserves the right to not publish submissions which are: (I) not understandable (=don’t contain the minimum information), (II) don’t have any connection to the categories outlined for the Awards, or, (III) contain racist, sexist or other content which does not apprehend a socially correct code of conduct or obviously will not allow for a productive discussion on walking as key to the future of urban mobility and liveable communities.

What about the intellectual ownership of my project?

The full intellectual ownership stays with the people behind the project submitted. The Walking Visionaries Awards only claim the right to re-publish the project information provided by you to the Walking Visionaries Awards submission form on the website www.walk21vienna.com and the social media channels of the Walk21 Network. In case you are being awarded we will also partly publish the project information in the Walk21 Vienna documentation. The conference website will remain active with all the submissions published and be a possibility for you to claim intellectual property about your project idea. Furthermore this archive of submissions to the Walking Visionaries Awards will be an online publication for your project/idea/initiative. Please note that your project information cannot be changed at a future stage as the submitted projects will form an archive of project ideas.

Can I change my project information once I submitted it to the awards?

For reasons of fairness and to keep workload for the Walking Visionaries Awards Team at a reasonable scale there is no possibility to change the project information once you have it submitted. Please carefully submit your project and everything will be fine. Also use the preview function of the submission form to see your project presentation before submitting it.

Can I submit more than one project?

Yes. One author can hand in more than one submission. The maximum number of submissions per author is five submissions.

Can I submit the same project to multiple categories?

It is not possible to submit the same project to more than one category. Please choose your category well.

Will I be notified about the successful submission of my project?

Yes, at the end of the submission form a screen will appear telling you that we received your submission. The information entered will then be reviewed and put online within one to maximum five working days. Once the submission was authorized by thw Walking Visionaries Team and published you will receive an e-mail notifying you about this and under which URL your submission can be found.

How many tickets can I win for Walk21 Vienna?

The number of conference tickets that can be won by one single submitting author is limited to one conference ticket for Walk21 Vienna. If you submitted more than one project your highest-ranking project will be awarded if ranking high-enough.

The Walking Visionaries Awards are set up to support as many awardees as possible. At the same time we do not want to limit creative minds and have set a maximum of five projects to be submitted by the same author.

What happens once I am awarded as a Walking Visionary?

You will be contacted by the Walking Visionaries Awards Team and you are entitled for a free conference ticket (full 4 day pass) to Walk21 Vienna 2015. In case you will not make it to Vienna your project idea will anyway enter the international discourse as it will be published in the conference documentation.

Can I submit my project in another language than English?

We can only accept submissions that provide title, short and long description in English language. If you want to submit information in another language as well, we encourage you to provide a bilingual description in the long project description.

Why is the project title limited to 35 characters?

The title is limited to 35 characters to avoid too long descriptions and to facilitate a sharing of all projects via social media, specifically Twitter.

Will I be notified before the start of the public voting?

Yes there will be an email informing you in time before the start of the public voting.

Is there funding available to cover my expenses for travel and accommodation?

We unfortunately cannot pay any travel or hotel costs for your attendance at the Walk21 Vienna conference. In case you lack funding to cover your expenses to participate in Walk21 Vienna 2015, we suggest connecting to external institutions for such financial support. In case you need a letter of invitation or confirmation letter on behalf of the Walking Visionaries Awards Team we are happy to provide such a document.