FAQs – Press Registration

How do I receive information about Walk21 Vienna?

All interested journalists have the opportunity to register for the event. As soon as you are registered, you will receive all important information via e-mail. Moreover, the website www.walk21vienna.com provides you with comprehensive, up-to-date information about the conference.

Do I have to register on the website?

Yes, you have to register with your personal details by 15 october 2015 at the latest. We need your registration to organise your press badge, establish and schedule contacts with interview partners and provide you with key information about the event in advance.

Where do I get my official press badge?

Your official badge must be collected on-site only at the registration desk. Please remember to bring an official ID.

What services are provided for registered journalists?

Registered journalists have free access to the entire conference. This includes the conference program and the Walk21 Vienna side events. For more information on the Walk21 Vienna conference program, please refer to this website (link to program).

How can I get in touch with interview partners?

As soon as you are registered, you will receive the programme and comprehensive information in advance, which will enable you to plan and schedule your event coverage all around. We will keep in touch with you and figure out which speakers/participants you might want to interview. During the conference, you are always welcome at the press info point and will receive assistance from our press team.

Where can I find the press info point of Walk21 Vienna?

During the event, a press info point will be set up at the ground-floor of Vienna City Hall.

I still have some questions; whom can I approach for further information?

Please contact the Walk21 Vienna press team at
klar. Strategie- und Kommunikationsberatung
E-mail: press@walk21vienna.com
Phone: +43 (0) 664 922 77 85