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Walking in Vienna & Austria

Factsheet: Master Plan for Walking – Strategy for Walking in Austria (BMLFUW, BMVIT & Umweltbundesamt, 2015)
Masterplan Gehen – Strategie zur Förderung des FußgängerInnenverkehrs in Österreich (BMLFUW, BMVIT & Umweltbundesamt, 2015)
Vienna Walking – Facts and Figures on Pedestrian Traffic (Mobility Agency of the City of Vienna, 2015)
Strategy Paper on Pedestrian Traffic (City of Vienna, 2014)

Walk21 Vienna Factsheet

The factsheet for the Walk21 Vienna 2015 conference in Vienna can be downloaded using the link below.

Download Factsheet (DE) Download Factsheet (EN)


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Walk21 Vienna Conference Venue (© City of Vienna)


Vienna Pedestrian Zone Mariahilfer Straße (© City of Vienna, MA18)



Vienna Pedestrian Zone Mariahilfer Straße at night (© City of Vienna, MA18)


Vienna Pedestrian Zone Stephansplatz (© City of Vienna, MA18)



Wayfinding System for Pedestrians in Vienna. (© City of Vienna, MA18)


At Vienna University of Economics and Business. (© City of Vienna, MA18)


Walking and Public Transport in Vienna. (© City of Vienna, MA18)


“Sidewalk Concert” by Vienna Mobility Agency. (© Vienna Mobility Agency)