Parkour Vienna: Urban spaces for the young

The road is for everyone – especially for children and youth. This walkshop shows how urban space can be used creatively by girls and boys. Starting at Sigmund-Freud-Park and continuing through the ‘cultural quarter Servitengasse’, the concept of the Viennese ‘play street’ called ‘wiener spiel!straße’ will be presented. This type of street is characterized by temporary roadblocks that allow children to use public space in different ways. The tour continues to a pedestrian / cycle bridge at the Danube Canal where various possibilities for children and youth to play and do sports will be shown. Finally, so-called ‘traceurs and traceuses’ (parkour-vienna) will demonstrate in an open workout training along the tour, how the urban space can be used for creativity and sport without use of specific equipment, buildings or facilities.

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall

Guided by Renate Kraft (Vienna City Administration, Department for Education and Out-of-School Activities for Children and Young People) supported by JUVIVO and Martin Dworak (backbone20, Parkour Vienna)

This walkshop passes a very steep street (Hörlgasse).

Photo Credit: StefanDworak