Seestadt aspern: Europe’s largest urban development area

Pay a visit to aspern, Vienna’s Urban Lakeside, and what you’ll see is Austria’s largest urban development project. By 2030, it will be home to some 20,000 people plus about the same number of workplaces. By the end of 2015, some 6,000 people will have moved here during the first phase of development.

At aspern, mobility is guaranteed by excellent links to a mix of fast, environment-friendly public transport options. At the same time the emphasis is on short distances and conscious deceleration, where walking and cycling are encouraged. Generously designed public spaces and vibrant ground-floor zones make it a pleasure to be out and about. In this city of short distances, residents find all their daily needs within walking distance in Austria’s first centrally managed shopping street. A range of sustainable mobility projects are financed by a mobility fund.

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall

Guided by Lukas Lang and Marvin Mitterwallner (Wien 3420 aspern development AG) & Very Layr (Vienna City Administration, Department for Road Management and Construction) & Nikolaus Summer (Vienna City Administration, Chief Executive Office for Urban Planning, Development and Construction)

Photo Credit: Wien3420