Vienna’s fairground, Stuwerviertel and the urban development area Nordbahnviertel

Vienna’s fairground is characterized by its optimal accessibility by public transport and its proximity to the big recreation areas of Prater and the Danube river. The nearby Stuwerviertel is a typical example of the buildings designed during the period of promoterism in Vienna (19th century). Because of its specific traffic calming measures, this area received a Walk-space Award in 2013. It is also an attractive place to live because of its tree-lined streets. Next to Stuwerviertel lies the newly built city quarter named “Nordbahnviertel” which is centred around the 3 ha large Rudolf-Bednar-Park. By 2025, the quarter is supposed to provide housing and workplaces for 20,000 people.

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall

Guided by Alexandra Madreiter (Vienna City Administration, Department for District Planning and Land Use) supported by Andrea Mann (Gebietsbetreuung – Urban Renewal Office)

Photo Credit: City of Vienna, MA21 – Christian Fürthner