Vienna’s Ugliest Buildings

Everyone knows Vienna is beautiful. But we’ll explore the city’s dark side. A surreal celebration of some buildings which really should never have left the architects’ studio. We want to find a new way to look, to surprise locals & make them explore their hometown in a different way. Through humor, we make some serious points about the role of the media, city-planners, fashion, gentrification, postmodernism, UNESCO and greedy developers.

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall
Guide: Eugene Quinn, space and place

Eugene Quinn is a London-born, Vienna-based urbanist, dj and journalist. A founding member of culture group space and place, he regularly stages urban interventions to play with the city, build social capital and send out new political messages. He walks an average 9km each day. Eugene will be speaking at Walk21 Vienna on Tuesday, 20 October and on Friday, 23 October.

Photo Credit: Eugene Quinn