Para-siting the city at eye level: Be a parasite and adapt to the city

An Urban Laboratory is the perfect format for testing and discussing the real city in a polyvalent approach of being a planner, user and decision maker at the same time. With the help of a little urban tool called “VIPSI” (Vienna Para-Site), the whole group becomes visible and is able to discuss Vienna in a performative manner, on different sites (contemporary public spaces) and in various situations.

The construction of the lightweight tool is inspired by the need for individual resting places on our walks and the possibility to carry it around and to use it throughout the city. The site-specificity is generated by the tool’s main principle: it uses the art nouveau metal grilles that surround tree and planting beds throughout Vienna as a substructure to build up the adaptable seat. The whole process of re-thinking the city consists of finding the right place where the participants can build up their seat by adapting to the city, getting public and discussing the environment in a transparent and potentially interactive way for other pedestrians.

As an urban tool, “VIPSIs” help to parasitize the public space and to generate micro-spaces next to existing space at the same time. The Urban Laboratory has the potential to show the public an academic project at eye-level in the urban context and show the participants a performative way of re-activating the city as permanent walk-space.

Duration: 3.0 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall
Guide: Dominik Scheuch, YEWO Landscapes

Dominik Scheuch is a Vienna-based landscape architect and founder of YEWO LANDSCAPES. He is university lecturer at several Austrian universities and member of the associations OEGLA, forumL and ORTE. Projects have been submitted and realized in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

Photo Credit: YEWO Landscapes