Exploring Vienna’s logistic landscapes

Logistic landscapes can be characterized as the most faded-out reverse side of the staged ‘city of spectacle’. The buildings in these landscapes frame highway bypasses and railways. In their monumental triteness they are blocking the view on landscapes. They are infrastructural buildings, undecorated sheds, to speak with Robert Venturi, the architectural output of the service-based industry. Nowadays this building typology forms a new category of landscape, the logistic landscape. These peripheral environments surround our cities; they are mostly crossed by car. These places do not exist on our mental maps; they are the opposite of a highly frequented city.
This Urban Laboratory aims to walk through these logistic landscapes and try to understand them. This snapshot will allow some deductions on the behaviour of our society. Suddenly these spaces become spaces of new possibilities, to discover freedom, anonymity and space. One can escape the staged city, and occupy those spaces. The results of this work can be seen as a call and hint to discover those logistic landscapes for one’s own purposes. The process of walking itself is used as a tool, a filter to change the perception of this special landscape.

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall
Guide: Melanie Leitner, University of Arts Linz

Melanie Leitner is an architect and researcher in Linz, Upper Austria.

Photo Credit: Bernhard Stadlbauer