Walk and Social Talk: Offering low-threshold social work in Vienna’s public spaces

FAIR-PLAY-TEAMs are on the spot and walk through their assigned area regularly. They are experts on public space. Their form of low-threshold contact and building relationships is the special quality of FAIR-PLAY-TEAMs.

The main goal of the TEAMs is to improve the social climate for all users of public space, always considering the personal conditions of life. We make different needs and concerns visible and act as advocates to enforce indicated claims on the use of public space. As communicators we enable a balance of interests and try to activate involved people to find joint solutions, thereby making urban social processes tangible for them.

FAIR-PLAY-TEAMs enhance mutual understanding and consideration, promote and preserve social qualities of public spaces, which are dependent on accessibility, design and infrastructure as well as appropriation and negotiation processes. FAIR-PLAY-TEAMs support any participation in shaping the way citizens live together, thereby involving the social environment and all people who are concerned with utilisation of public space. FAIR-PLAY-TEAMs strengthen the capacity to act and they encourage processes of appropriation, negotiation and formation. FAIR-PLAY-TEAMs assist the urban population by linking them to political players and empowering them to claim structural conditions that enable participation.
Our Urban Laboratory will allow us to show you these public spaces of communication and encounter.

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall
Guide: Kirsten Popper-Nelvai, City of Vienna, MA 13; Manuela Mauberger, Fairplan Team

Kirsten Popper-Nelvai is a social worker in Vienna. She has worked as a youth worker and school social worker. Since 2008, she has been an employee of the Vienna City Administration’s Municipal Department 13 – Education and Out-of-School Activities for Children and Young People. She coordinates Vienna´s FAIR-PLAY.

Photo Credit: PID – Votava