Augmenting urban mobility through digital information systems

Supporting wayfinding for pedestrians and encouraging people to increasingly walk in urban environments can be achieved in various ways. We present an approach focusing on information and communication technologies (ICT) that can address both issues by enhancing the visibility of walking in an urban environment. This includes the re-landscaping of a defined district, encompassing a popular shopping area and its nearby streets, through tangible and digital information.

In practice, we combine innovative approaches of urban mobility and urban ICT solutions with design methods in a user-centred process. The digital enhancements for the analogue signposts could address issues such as accessibility, inclusive access and usage of relevant open data, and support local navigation as well as social, playful and commercial aspects, just to mention some of the options we are exploring. Through these digital enhancements, we want to raise the walkability awareness in an urban environment and enhance the visibility of walking as an equitable mode of transport.

This Urban Laboratory will happen directly in the seventh district of Vienna. Participants will have the chance to use and try out our experimental technology and prototypes. The Urban Laboratory is an excellent chance for us to get useful feedback for further steps in design, interaction and development. At the same time, all participants will have an individual and unique experience by applying our newly developed technology in a real-world scenario. The Urban Laboratory will be supervised and accompanied by our project team and if necessary, we can provide everyone with the required technology.

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vienna City Hall
Guides: Oliver Hödl, Vienna University of Technology; Lisa Ehrenstrasser, iDr-inklusiv Design & research

Oliver Hödl is a research assistant at the Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. Lisa Ehrenstrasser is a user experience consultant and interaction designer. She is CEO of the design office as well as vice president of a competence centre for barrier-free living environments.

Photo Credit: Oliver Hoedl