Walkshops & Urban Laboratories

Registration at the conference venue

You can register for Walkshops and Urban Laboratories on Tuesday and Friday at the conference venue during the following times:

Tue, 20 Oct            07.30 – 09.00 (tours start at 9.00 o’clock)
Wed, 21 Oct           12.30 – 13.30
Thu, 22 Oct            12.30 – 13.30
Fri, 23 Oct               13.30 – 14.30

The online registration closed on October 15. There are places available for Walkshops and Urban Labs on Tuesday. Please just go to the conference venue on Tuesday morning and we will be happy to assist you with the registration.


Walk21 Vienna 2015 offers a broad variety of Walkshops and Urban Laboratories on Tuesday morning before the Opening and on Friday afternoon after the Closing of the conference. These Walkshops and Urban Labs are a great opportunity to experience public spaces in Vienna, to have a different view on the urban fabric, to discuss with local experts and last but not least, to meet and mingle with other Walk21 conference participants. Have an interesting time outdoors before and after the official conference program!

The Walkshops are organised excursions around the city and guided by experts from the municipality of Vienna. The Urban Laboratories are facilitated and prepared by conference participants. The ideas and concepts for Urban Laboratories were submitted during the Call for Abstracts.

The Walkshops and Urban Labs are open to all registered Walk21 Vienna conference participants and accompanying persons. You can register for the Walkshops/Urban Labs on the bottom of this page. Each Walkshop and Urban Lab will last for about 3 hours (you will see more details on content, duration or meeting points by clicking on the Walkshop /Urban Lab title).

Urban Laboratories & Walkshops

Thursday, 22 October 2015, 6.30 p.m.

Thursday special: Guerilla Walk with Oliver Hangl feat. Barbis Ruder

Friday, 23 October 2015, 2.30 p.m.

Urban Lab 07: Walk and Social Talk: Offering low-threshold social work in Vienna’s public spaces
Urban Lab 08: Exploring Vienna’s logistic landscapes
Urban Lab 09: Para-siting the city at eye level: Be a parasite and adapt to the city
Urban Lab 10: Listening and re-producing the space between ‘Rathaus’ and ‘Schottentor’ via soundwalk and research
Urban Lab 11: Vienna’s Ugliest Buildings Tour
Urban Lab 12: Strolling around by using Lucius Burckhardt‘s method of ‘Strollology’ (Spaziergangswissenschaften)
Urban Lab 13: The Walking Neighbourhood: How children, artistic intervention and walking can lead to social change

Walkshop 10F: Hidden corners & tranquil courtyards in Vienna’s historic centre
Walkshop 11: Transforming through design: The new Mariahilfer Strasse, Austria’s longest and most lively shopping street
Walkshop 12: In between cultures: The transformation of the Brunnenmarkt market and its neighbourhood
Walkshop 13: Vienna’s new central railway station as a catalyst for urban development
Walkshop 14: New subway and tram lines: Connecting to the pedestrian network
Walkshop 15: A lively centre for the district: Exploring the newly designed pedestrian area Meidlinger Hauptstrasse
Walkshop 16: Vienna’s fairground, Stuwerviertel and the urban development area Nordbahnviertel
Walkshop 17: Seestadt aspern: Europe’s largest urban development area
Walkshop 18: Parkour Vienna: Urban spaces for the young
Walkshop 19: Vienna’s Urban Waterfront: Explore Otto Wagner and the inner city beaches
Walkshop 20: WildUrb’s guerilla city walk: Waking up from slumber

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