Conference Formats

The following session formats are offered at the Walk21 Vienna Conference. These formats will be an exciting mix to encourage and enable a dynamic conference agenda, which will promote collaboration, provide new knowledge and support peer-to-peer learning.

  • Breakout session – a group of 20 minute presentations on a similar topic
  • Round tables – extended discussion with colleagues
  • Pecha Kucha – 20 slides x 20 seconds to tell your story
  • Workshops – focussed topic discussions with colleagues
  • Speed Dating – rounds of short presentations to a lot of people
  • Urban Laboratory – on-street real world experiments in walking

Please be aware that slight changes of the format descriptions may occur due to final programming.

Breakout session

This is an oral presentation in a session shared with other presenters to illuminate different perspectives and experience on the same topic. The presentations will provide the framework for the subsequent discussion and will be selected to encourage debate.

Time20 minutes presentation max.
Interactivity, communication Low
No. of speakers/presentations2 max.
Technique & mediaTraditional audio visual aids are available; a digital media presentation is possible but not mandatory.

Round table

A roundtable allows for extended discussion among a small cohort of colleagues, giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions and meeting colleagues with similar interests. Roundtables are good venues for the hands-on exploration of case studies. Speakers are encouraged to provide insight into their topic and encourage questions and discussion taking advantage of the expertise and insights of other attendees to build a professional network. Please note that a roundtable is an interactive format and that presentations are limited to a certain length of time. Participants may change to another table in the room.

Time10 minutes presentation, 20 minutes discussion, then participants move to another table.
Interactivity, communication High
Moderator/chairYes, it's you!
No. of speakers/presentationsmax. 2
Technique & mediaThere are no traditional audio visual aids available. You may bring your own handouts, photos, folders, tablets (make sure your battery is charged!).
Don’t forget!If you have submitted a round table, think about how to encourage questions and discussion. Please deliver information on your topic in form of an executive summary. Don’t forget to consider the goal of your work at the roundtable.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format where there is a show of a maximum (!) 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images change automatically while presenters are talking, so that the story line of the talk is built around the chosen images. There will be no time to digress or get hung up on a detail but it can be a very engaging and exciting session. Remember, the images of your talk automatically change after 20 seconds. There will be 6 presentations per session. After the talks are finished, the presenters and the audience will have time for discussion.

Timetotal: 90 minutes, your presentation: 6 minutes, then questions
Interactivity, communicationMedium
No. of speakers/presentations1 per presentation / in the entire session: 6 presentations
Technique & mediaTraditional audio visual aids are available; a digital media presentation is mandatory, with a maximum of 20 slides.
Don’t forget!Its 20 x 20 seconds.


At a workshop, a smaller group of people deal with a specific topic or question. A workshop aims at working together with workshop participants targeting a common goal. Please note that a workshop is more of an interactive format and that your presentation is limited to a certain length of time. You can propose a workshop in collaboration with a colleague working in the same field.

Timetotal: 90 minutes
Interactivity, communication high
Moderator/chairYes, it’s you!
No. of speakers/presentations1 or 2 workshops per session, depending on the final program planning
Technique & mediaThere are audiovisual aids available.
Don’t forget!Beforehand, you have to consider the definition of the goal of your workshop, your introduction to the topic/theme as well as interesting and relevant questions.

Speed dating

A speed dating session gives you the opportunity to present projects, case studies and work to a great number of delegates. Your presentation lasts for maximum eight minutes, a smaller audience will ask questions and then there is a short discussion on the project with you. A bell rings, the audience circulates to another presentation in the same room and you present to a new small group. During this session, participants will be able to take in at least six presentations (which means you need to be prepared to give your presentation 6 times too – imagine how good you will be at it by the end!)

Timetotal: 90 minutes
Audience500+ (in total)
Interactivity, communication high
No. of speakers/presentations60-100
Technique & mediaA table! Bring your folders, handouts, business cards, tablets (make sure your battery is charged!), …

Urban Laboratory

The city of Vienna will be your urban (walking) laboratory. The Urban Walking Laboratory is an opportunity to use the public spaces in the city of Vienna to carry out experiments, pilot programs and deliver direct urban interventions. You can facilitate your own Urban Laboratory in Vienna, the participants will follow you outside the conference venue to the real urban fabric and discover your experience, ideas and research. Explore the city and its perceptions of public space and experience the impact of your idea. Set your interventions as a contribution of Walk21 to the host city.

Timetotal: 120-180 minutes; on Tuesday 20 October (morning) or Friday 23 October (afternoon)
Audiencemax. 20
Interactivity, communication medium
Moderator/chairYes, it’s you!
No. of speakers/presentations1-2 per laboratory
Technique & mediaThere are no audio visual aids available. Bring your own handouts, photos, folders, white coats, tablets (make sure your battery is charged!),…
Don’t forget!Don’t forget to consider walking and travel times from and to the conference venue.