Green Event

Walk21 Vienna 2015 goes GREEN!

Walk21 Vienna 2015 aims to receive the Austrian Eco-label for Green Events, which is a quality certification that acknowledges products and services with low environmental stress. The most significant criteria to be met concern mobility, CO2 offsetting, accommodation, event locations, material and waste management, as well as catering and social aspects.

Eco-Label Austria

What is the Austrian Eco-label?

The Austrian Eco-label was created in 1990 on the initiative of the Federal Environmental Ministry with the aim of informing the public about the environmental impacts of products and services. The Austrian Eco-label is a quality certification mark that guarantees that the certified products and services create only low environmental stress. What measures need to be taken to receive the certification? The requirements are considered satisfied if the requested mandatory criteria are met and the minimum number of points required for the relevant event has been reached.

The following key categories are taken into consideration:

  • Mobility and CO2 offsetting (e.g. climate-compatible travelling)
  • Accommodation (e.g. Eco-label-certified enterprises)
  • Event Location (e.g. energy consumption, environmentally friendly equipment, cleaning)
  • Procurement, Material and Waste Management (e.g. reuse of badges, waste separation)
  • Exhibitors/Exhibition Stand Builders (e.g. reduction of printed material and give-aways)
  • Catering (e.g. regional, seasonal and fair trade products)
  • Communication/Social Aspects (e.g. opportunity for feedback, diversity)

How can you help us receive the certification?

  • We encourage all participants to choose a climate-compatible way of travelling to and from the event location. If possible, travel by train, public transport or bicycle.
  • If air travel remains the only option, please use the possibility of CO2 offsetting. To do so please use the following link:
  • There will be waste separation systems throughout the Walk21 Vienna venue. Please avoid excessive waste and use the waste separation bins provided.
  • Please avoid bringing PET bottles into the conference facilities. Our catering area will provide you with drinks and refreshments. Moreover, water will be available in each conference room.
  • To allow the reuse of the conference badges, we encourage all participants to bring their badges to the collection boxes provided after the conference.


We appreciate your cooperation and are looking forward to welcoming you to a green Walk21 Vienna 2015!