Accessibility Information

Public Transport

Information about public transportation, transportation for visitors with disabilities and special needs.

Underground, Streetcar and Bus

“Low floor” vehicles operate on almost all streetcar and bus lines in Vienna to make it easier for people with restricted mobility to board and alight. An exception is line 30, which is only a booster train for a regular line. “Low floor” streetcars are now operating on more than every second streetcar group. Displays at the streetcar stations have a blinking wheelchair symbol showing how many minutes are left until a “low floor” streetcar will depart. Furthermore, Vienna’s public transport system offers a dynamic information system about the departure times of “low floor” streetcars ( “Low floor” buses are in use on all bus routes. All buses are equipped with folding ramps for wheelchair users.

Vienna’s subway system is well-equipped for guests with disabilities and special needs. All subway stations and trains are almost entirely wheelchair-accessible. Almost all stations have “guiding strips” for the visually impaired, showing the way to stairs, escalators and elevators.
All of the stations can be accessed by wheelchair (elevator or ramp). However, since elevators need to be serviced or are out of order from time to time, it is possible to check in advance on whether the elevator is in operation on tel. +43 1 7909-100 and on the Internet .This real-time information has also been available on the accessibility pages of the Vienna public transport companies since autumn 2012.

Further information is available at or (only in German). The accessibility pages of the Vienna public transport companies ( provide tips for wheelchair passengers as well as for blind and visually impaired passengers.

Accessible Conference Venue - Vienna City Hall

Main entrance
Swinging doors 92 cm wide
Ramp 545 cm long , 47 cm high

Elevator near stair no. 7: door width: 92 cm, cabin depth: 240 cm, cabin width: 130 cm, passage to elevator: 110 cm.
Elevator near stair no. 8: door width: 92 cm, passage to elevator: 88 cm, cabin width: 110 cm, cabin depth 210 cm.
Wheelchair-accessible restroom / changing room (near stair no. 8).

Special offers for people with disabilities
Multimedia guides in Austrian and English sign language are available free of charge upon presentation of an official photographic form of ID (passport, identity card, driver’s license).
Seeing eye dogs allowed.
Wheelchair accessible restroom available.

Car parks main entrance
Parking spaces for people with disabilities on Lichtenfelsgasse, Felderstrasse, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz.

Accessible hotel rooms

The online portal helps with the search for suitable rooms in Vienna.

The guest selects a destination and specifies their personal “must haves” using a checklist, e.g. wheelchair accessible washbasin or wheelchair accessible shower enclosure. Only those hotels that meet the desired criteria are displayed. A special bonus: The rooms can be viewed, as all registered hotels provide photographic material. Once the guest has reached a decision, they are forwarded to the hotel with just a single click to check availability and make a booking. You can find further information here.

At the Information Desk, you will get help and support during the whole conference. Please get in touch whenever there is something to be arranged for you!