Plenary Speaker

Timothy Papandreou

Timothy Papandreou

Director of Strategic Planning, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

United States

Timothy Papandreou is a recognized leader in transportation and land-use planning, design, project management and operations. He is a trusted adviser to non-government organizations, companies, cities and state/federal governments on public-private partnerships and emerging transportation trends.

Timothy is currently the Director of Strategic Planning where he represents the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency at local, state, federal and international policy bodies; mentors young transportation professionals and mobility start-up companies; and advises San Francisco’s sister cities. Timothy leads cross-functional teams responsible for creating and implementing the SFMTA’s six–year strategic work plan to meet the agency’s safety, mode shift, quality of life and economic prosperity goals. His teams develop, and prioritize integrated policies, funding agreements and streets designs for walking, bicycling, public transport, car/bike/scooter sharing, taxis, carpooling, ridesharing, employer buses, service deliveries, parking and future driverless vehicles/aerial drones.

Timothy is the Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Vision Zero safety task force to eliminate traffic deaths by 2024. He bikes the talk and has lived car free in LA & SF for over 15 years using a combination of walking, bicycles, public transit, carpooling, taxis and car rentals.