Plenary Speaker

Robert Thaler

Robert Thaler

Head of Division Mobility, Transport, Noise in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management


Master of civil engineering/transport planning and transport economics and lecturer at the University of Technology Vienna

Leading role and engagement in EU and international negotiations, development and implementation of strategies, programs, declarations, guidelines and conferences in the field of transport, health and environment, e.g: UNECE Ministerial Vienna Declaration and the Programme of Joint Action on Transport an Environment 1995-1997, CEI Ministerial Declaration “Towards Sustainable Transport in CEI-Countries” 1997 (Chair), WHO Ministerial Charter Transport, Environment Health 1998-1999 (Chair), OECD Ministerial Guidelines for Environmentally Sustainable Transport EST Guidelines (2000-2001) (Chair), WHO Children Environment Health Action Plan for Europe 2003-2004 (Chair), Member of Steering Committee and Bureau of UNECE/WHO Transport Health Environment Pan European Programme THE PEP (Chair 2006 and 2013), President of EU Platform on Mobility Management EPOMM, Vice Chair of European Environment Health Task Force

EU environmental legislation and programs, emissions of vehicles, fuel quality, biofuels, environmental noise and negotiations in Austrian EU Presidencies 1998, 2006

Initiator and coordinator of various partnerships and projects on national and international level e.g: OECD Project Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST), EU Interreg Transnational Projects e.g. Alpsmobility I and II – Alpine Pearls for Environmentally Sound Tourism in the Alps, Joint A/H/SK Project Sustainable Transport in Sensitive Areas Lake Neusiedl/Fertö-tó, ETC projects TRANSDanube, Acces2Mountains, Alpinfonet, THE PEP Partnerships on European Masterplan for Cycling, EcoDriving, Green jobs in mobility

Responsibility for environmental legislation in transport and noise on national level e.g: Federal Act on environmental noise abatement, fuel quality and biofuel regulation, Federal Act on consumer information of CO2 emissions of passenger cars

Coordination and leading role in national environment programs and projects, e.g.:

Austrian klimaaktiv mobil advisory and financial support program on climate friendly mobility management for companies, fleet operators, cities, municipalities and regions, tourism, schools, youth groups, Masterplan cycling, Masterplan walking, Austrian implementation plan for e-mobility, EcoDriving initative

Membership and chairmanship of senior official committees and expert groups

Lecturer at various international and national high level meetings and conferences e.g. National and international klimaaktiv mobil conferences Vienna, Electromobility Graz, El-Motion Vienna, Velo-city Vienna, EU Conferences Mobility Management ECOMM London, San Sebastian, Graz, Frankfurt, Gävle, Firenze, Utrecht, UNECE WHO THE PEP High Level Meetings Genf, Amsterdam, Paris, THE PEP Workshops Geneva, Chisinau, Tibilissi, Moscow, Batumi, Almaty, Astana, Kaunas, Kaliningrad

Editor, author and co-author of various publications in transport and environment

Public Administration Management Award 2006 and 2003 for mobility management
European Public Service Award EPSA Best Practice klimaaktiv mobil 2009 and 2011
Holder of Great Decoration of Honour of the Federal Republic of Austria 2010
Holder of Great Decoration of Honour of the Austrian Federal State Burgenland 2011