Plenary Speaker

Manfred Neun

Manfred Neun

President European Cyclists’ Federation and World Cycling Alliance


Manfred Neun is President of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and President of the World Cycling Alliance (WCA). He has an academic background in economics and psychology, and has worked in the fields of health behaviour, energy use, sustainable transport and urban development. Manfred Neun has also been a lecturer at several universities. Under his ECF presidency, he oversaw the Charter of Brussels and the Charter of Seville, and initiated the Declaration of Bern and the Charter of Vancouver – the right of children to cycle.

By pioneering a scientific approach to content, he has succeeded in communicating ECF’s key message to important global decision makers. With the global ECF network Scientists for Cycling, he took the lead in structuring the contents of cycling advocacy. The Active Mobility approach seems to be the most important out of the numerous terms and paradigms he introduced to the cycling and other international communities and intergovernmental bodies like UN, WHO or OECD.

Neun is a German entrepreneur for several companies, and spent 22 years as the CEO of a family bike business. He was the president of the German Two-Wheel Wholesalers’ association and the executive vice president of the regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). Using his business background, he has worked to bridge the gap between advocates, industry, politicians and experts.