Plenary Speaker

Jine Knapp

Jine Knapp

Designer, Author and Founder of WildUrb


Jine Knapp grew up in the Alpine landscape of Salzburg, a world apart from Vienna, the capital from Austria. Due to her love for design, she went to the Ortwein vocational school in Graz (department for art and design). For the next twenty years, she developed advertising strategies and corporate designs for various companies and well-known agencies.

Her passion to not only study the history of art of various cultures but to also discover the world’s oldest cities on foot and get to know the urban structures and their inhabitants in these different settings, started in her early youth. Since then, she has walked over 40,000 kilometers in cities.

In 2009, Jine decided to no longer use her knowledge of advertising only for consumption, but for more valuable needs of humanity. In her experience, the best tool for that is going for walks. You don’t need any capital for it, it broadens your mind, encourages reflecting and re-thinking, promotes decisiveness, leads to communication with fellow human beings and, furthermore, has very positive side effects for your health.

Therefore, she started the initiative WildUrb together with her longtime business partner Doris Rittberger. The motto is “Walking to move”. The goal is a city with inhabitants who have the courage for change, perceive their environment consciously and help shape it, to upgrade the image of walking and promote awareness for this alternative and sustainable form of mobility.

So far, 8 books have been published in the edition of WildUrb: WIEN GEHT (part 1 and 2), MISSION WIEN (for kids), WIEN GEHT WEIT (long distance walks),…

WildUrb participated in the EmoMap project (a research project on the awareness of space in navigation systems for pedestrians in cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna and Salzburg Research) and has arranged various theme walks and events for pedestrians.