Plenary Speaker

Hermann Knoflacher

Hermann Knoflacher

Professor Emeritus, Vienna University of Technology


Hermann Knoflacher was the head of the Institute for Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering of the Vienna University of Technology from 1975 to 2007. He studied civil engineering, mathematics and geodesy in Vienna. He was the head of the Institute for Transport at the Austrian Road Safety Board. Since the early 1970ies, he has been working as a Civil Engineer and was a personal advisor of the Austrian Minister of Transport. For several years, Hermann Knoflacher worked as an expert for the European Commission for the Research Programmes Telematics and Sustainable Mobility.

His main research interests have been the design of transport elements, transport system user behavior, traffic infrastructure and mobility, sustainable development of cities and mobility, traffic safety; energy consumption and building a sound scientific background for transport and urban planning. Hermann Knoflacher is known internationally as a vibrant and critical advocate of active mobility.