Ralf Risser

FACTUM Chaloupks&Risser OG

Vienna, Austria


Born (1949) and grown up in Lienz, Tyrol. Grammar school in Lienz, Tyrol with final exam 1967. Then studies in Vienna. Dr. phil, Traffic psychologist and health psychologist. Owner of FACTUM and founding member of INFAR, Institute for driver´s rehabilitation. PhD University of Vienna (Psychology & Sociology), Assistant Professor, Lecturer both at the University and at the Technical University of Vienna. Visiting professor at the Technical University in Lund, Sweden, February 2005 to March 2013. 1993 to 2003 Convenor of the Task Force Traffic Psychology of the EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations), since then member of the EFPA Standing Committee Traffic Psychology representing Austrian Psychologists’ Association. Since 2011 president of the International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic safety ICTCT, an international association registered in Vienna with members from 30 countries all over the world. Focus of work on attitude- and acceptance matters, marketing and motive-research in the area of traffic and mobility. One of the main topics of work is the development of analysis tools and measures/solutions to the advantage of vulnerable, or weaker, road users; pedestrians, cyclists, children and youngster, senior citizens, and people with impairments.