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Lisa Quinn

Executive Director, Feet First

Seattle, Washington, United States

For over twenty years, Lisa Quinn has been successful at providing social marketing and management of transportation program for businesses, non-governmental organizations and colleges and universities. Since 2008, Lisa has been the Executive Director of Feet First. Prior to Lisa’s work at Feet First, she was the Rideshare Program Manager for San Luis Obispo Council of Governments. She worked in Vancouver, Canada as the Program Manager for Better Environmentally Sound Transportation. While at the University of Washington, she managed the marketing and program development of the U-PASS program and creating award winning bike and walking campaigns, Ride in the Rain and Walk In, respectively.

Lisa has served as a board member for Washington State Ridesharing Organization, Bike Works a Seattle based non-profit supporting earn-a-bike programs, and the Alliance for Biking and Walking, a nationally recognized organization. She currently is serving on America Walks’ “Walking College Advisory Group” and providing mentoring to Walking College Fellows. Lisa will be presenting at the national American Planning Association conference in 2015 to discuss walkability’s contributions to the Vitality and Opportunity in Old Neighborhoods.

Lisa attended San Jose State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising with concentration in Sociology and Environmental Studies.