Keechoo Choi

Professor, Ajou University

Suwon, Korea

Dr. KeeChoo Choi is a professor of transportation and a director for the National Engineering Research Center [ERC] of Sustainable Urban Transportation at Ajou University. His specialities include travel demand forecasting, ITS, sustainable transportation with environmental concerns, and public transportation. He is the founding and managing editor of International Journal of Sustainable Transportation (SSCI), editorial board member of Journal of ITS, both by Taylor and Francis, also a board member of Transportmetrica Part B. As a director of the National TOD-based Sustainable transportation research center funded by the Korean government, his current research theme also covers walking, biking, and efficient transfer system of transportation. He represents the technical committee of 2.2 of Korean national board of World Road Association, PIARC and eagerly attends TRB, WCTR, Walk21 and ITS WC.