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The city is a catwalk we all use every day. Our urban environment is set as a diverse stage for expressing our individual and collective selves. A core urban trait is to observe others and to be seen in public. Many of these encounters are exclusively happening on the move. Our styles of walking, the way we appear to others, are embedded in our cultural context, displaying our diverse urban life styles. The paths are a venue to interact and express ourselves, establishing the possibility for social exchange. Besides trend and fashion-oriented aspects, walking is also accommodated by functional clothing, adequate gear, foot wear and accessories for various conditions. This category welcomes projects that deal with the fashion and design facets of walking. It seeks submissions that support our walking experience while being fashionable.

Keywords: Fashion, Design, Urban Gear, Technology, Wearable Tech, Accessories

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  • Urban Skiing

    It is designed for both the resident and visitor who would like to visit the city in a non motorized clean way, and can use it as well as sleeping bag equipped with LED light and compartments for his belongings that need charging. All powered by a mechanism that uses the same human movement as if he walks and blends it with skiing to make any person who uses it moves faster across the city.
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  • Portable Listening Trumpets

    Listening Trumpets are a series of ten conical wooden trumpets carved from burls* of Elm, Box Elder, Maple, and Oak trees. Each trumpet may be considered a small sculpture prepared for opening a new way of experiencing aural and visual phenomena. Linen carrying sacs with shoulder or cross-chest straps have been sewn for ease of portability. The trumpets allow us to hear in subtly different ways.
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  • Awear

    When walking around in a city, people breath in a lot of harmful particulates. Awaer is a scarf that protects people from this particulates, by using an active carbon filter.
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    Several women gather from various NYC boroughs for an after dark convergence walk, searching out one another along the Underground Railroad and converge upon a cobbled road lain with spent oyster shells. Each woman is wearing a Biodegradable Garbage Bag Gown fitted with Biodegradable Balloons and Gloves.
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  • Awareness Light Cane

    A cane with a light designed to create an effective awareness of the most vulnerable people on the streets. Awareness Light cane, it's functional, elegant, happy, and socially engaged.
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  • KUDZ Footwear

    Quality footwear made with an emphasis on comfort and durability.
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  • Echo Gems

    The city is a diverse and complex environment, unable to be perceived in its totality, only by the eye. Through walking, an omnipresent, ephemeral presence is following us; the invisible medium of sound. We suggest a different kind of experience. A new pair of headphones, amplifying the existing sounds of the city. Both irritating and pleasant sounds, orienting us towards the place we want to be.
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