ZiP- Zitpaaltje Amsterdam

ZIP is a street installation inspired by the amsterdammertjes and the dutch bike’s culture. Zip aims to activate street as a place to enjoy. Zip encourages people to rest, meet, chat and play. Zip invites us to consider the importance of the street as a social space instead of a mere traffic domain.

David Andreas Artuffo, Torino, Italy

ZitPaaltje, or ZIP when abbreviate, is a temporary street installation inspired by the city of Amsterdam and its bike’s culture.
We transformed the so-called Amsterdammertjes, the famous and ubiquitous posts in the streets of Amsterdam, into a rather comfortable “city” stool. The seats are made from classic Dutch bike saddles constructed on the bollards with a solid piece of metal that can be easily placed and removed. At the bottom a footrest is also inserted to the bollard, to make the stool more comfortable. The project is meant to activate the street as a place to enjoy.
This special seats are temporally located on key spots in Amsterdam to provide great view over the Dutch capital.
• Zip is about Amsterdam. By combining two of the symbols of Amsterdam, bikes and red bollards, it creates a new icon of Amsterdam’s design.
• Zip is Fun. It’s fun to ride it and it’s “Leuk” to take a picture on it!
• Zip is about Re-Use. Re-thinking the built environment, re-cycling, up-cycling, are in the DNA of the project
• Zip is about re-discovering public space. By providing comfort and fun, ZIP can transform an empty space into an attractive spot.
• ZIP is for people and not for cars. It invites people to consider the importance of the street as a social space and not only as a traffic domain.
• Zip is temporary and nomad, hurry up !

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