your724 – the key to move your health

your724 – the key to move your health

An evidence based web-platform to support individuals to change to a more active life/healthstyle.

Martin Daumer, München, Germany

- focus on walking & running as the most fundamental way to train body and mind (evolutionary biology)
- patient empowerement: explain the role of muscles to produce myokines, as molecular basis of the positive effects of exercise.
- Motivational support by objective feedback using mobile accelerometry in a belt buckle (
- Evidence based & science based.
- physical inactivity is seen as a modifiable risk factor. Contrary to the 23 pairs of genes ( one can modify one's behavior (to a certain extent) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Link to walking and running in ultra minimalistic "barefoot-shoes" (ISPO award 2012 -
- public presentations and publications within PeerJs "human motion collection"

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