Walking the Line

Plymouth Breakwater was historically a destination where nineteenth century promenaders went to walk, see and be seen. A mile in length and nearly 3 miles out to sea, the Breakwater is now the responsibility of the MInistry of Defence and off limits to the general public. It is my aim to facilitate trips of walkers out to the Breakwater, to explore the city's outer realms.

Laura Hopes, Tavistock, United Kingdom

Over the summer of 2014, aided by the Ministry of Defence and the Queen's Harbourmaster Authority, I undertook a series of walks, swims and climbs exploring the length of this historic structure. Down the entire length of the Breakwater is scored a line, neatly bissecting the structure and leading walkers along from the beacon and safety structure at one end, to the unmanned lighthouse at the other. Fascinated by my experiences and discoveries, it is my hope to open up this structure to others, by leading walks down the length of the Breakwater, illuminating its history and architecture.
The absurdity inherent to its former role as a destination for promenders given its geographical location is something I would like to explore further, and to open up to other artists and walkers. What can be gleaned from its suface engravings, its history as a site of wrecks and the practice of repeated walking along its length?

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