Walking Institute

The Walking Institute, a peripatetic school for the human pace.

Claudia Zeiske, Huntly, United Kingdom

The Walking Institute - based in Huntly, Scotland - explores, researches and celebrates the human pace.

Working with artists from across the globe, it brings walking activities together with arts and other disciplines as well as people from all walks of life through two main aims:

• Activities & Path-Making: to identify and develop walking activities with artists and new paths & trails which connect to the broadening networks and dialogues across the globe. Main focus is to develop a diverse programme of activities that combine art with walking and walking with art.
It brings artists together with others through all forms of walking practices, including year-round programmes of actions that touch on political and ethical issues, seasonal approaches, path-making initiatives as well as community and place-making activities. These contain community events, short and long-distance walks, walking research residencies and commissions with the purpose of addressing themes related to tourism and economic development, health and social cohesion and environment and ecology through active walking initiatives.
This takes place in and around Huntly, but radiating out to wider Scotland with a view of becoming a programme with international dimensions.

• Research & Mapping: to research and map the concepts, philosophies and notions surrounding walking and linking them to the walking & art discourse. Through on- and offline research the Walking Institute is mapping and exploring artistic and academic discourses that have emerged through the variety of disciplines and enquiry. This research shows the wealth of interest around walking & art and the relationships and convergences between historical and political forms and the development of the walking leisure industry, as well as its role in the environmental discourse. The discovery and innovation within the research will also be mapped and archived as the programme develops. The information is shared online through its website and through a physical library in Huntly that holds a collection of books, articles and references relating to walking & art.
We also organise regular talks, symposiums, annual conferences and other research driven events that promote discussion and exchange on current discourses.

We address those key aims through questions in relation to
• health & social cohesion
• environment & ecology
• tourism & economic regeneration
in our home town of Huntly in the North of Scotland and further afield through art and related disciplines, such as geography, anthropology, cooking, architecture or history.

Cross-cutting themes include community & place, politics & ethics and season & time.


Claudia Zeiske, Huntly, United Kingdom

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