as performance, installation, investigation, art in public space
as painiting, as sculpture
Art made by WALK-ing is a visualization and awareness of space, cityscape and situation.
WALK-ing is a personal and public performance, visible and invisible.
The WALK-ing ART of Beverly Piersol

Beverly Piersol, Vienna, Austria

"A video camera is part of my hand as I walk predefined streets of a city. The surroundings are documented registered, noted by image and sound. The streets determine the choreography, my walking rhythm determines the beat and time structure; the camera position determines the image sequences. The original tone of the environment is the sound of the video.
The videos are made using a "shot from the hip" technique: the camera as "part of my hand" does not use the traditional "viewfinder" of selection; the resulting moving images are those of the area in which I am walking but not of what I am seeing. They are moments, time-capsules, chance images dependent on variables of time, place and atmosphere.
The results of the WALK-ing the STREETS SERIES are diagrams using site maps, installation films and digital prints of systematically chosen video frames.
The films are used for large installations in which the same moving images are projected over, into, above, through each other in relationship to a given space.
The impulse for this work was an effort to record movement through and around a predetermined space without influence of selection, allowing for a spontaneous reaction to and another awareness of wherever I am.
My work in urban environments involves the visual redefinition of structures and situation; concepts investigate a series of pre-determined streets significant to a place.
Each walk follows a formal, pre-defined route.
Each walk provides an ideal means for the exploration of relationships in public space."

HANDS-ON: realization of an ART- WALK from CIty Hall to Olympiaplatz, Vienna
We will WALK with Beverly Piersol as she describes her art-method of WALK-ing the STREETS.
She will be our guide through old parts of Vienna and the very new areas of the WU campus (Vienna University of Economics and Business), the fair grounds and the living and commercial district, viertel 2.
The WALK of about 1-11/2 hours juxtapositions the old and the new.
Participants will be given a map and a short history of the areas passed through.
Beverly Piersol will record, in her usual method, as she WALKS.
As we WALK together we will observe and become aware of variations in urban structure: WALK-ing as art, as urban discovery, as awareness.
Participants will make and record, as they WALK, their own observations and impressions with photos, texts, sketches, comments, etc.; each will share their own experiences using WALK-ing; each becomes a WALK-ing artist, a performer, an archivist.

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