Traffic Sidekick

Traffic Sidekick is a mobile GPS-application which actively warns the user for oncoming dangerous intersections while walking, jogging or cycling.

De Hulsters Kristof, Hove, Belgium

How can my smartphone make my trip safer? Most accidents occur because someone isn’t paying full attention. While you can’t control other people, you can do your part. The Traffic Sidekick application gives you a warning through your phone which results in your focus being drawn back to the road. When you are fully aware that you’re crossing a dangerous intersection, you’ll be more careful, resulting in a safer trip through traffic.

Is it user friendly? Yes! You like listening to some music while jogging? No problem: use the ‘music- adjust’ option to automatically dim the volume when crossing dangerous intersections. You spend more time looking at your screen than on the road? Make your screen flash brighter when you approach a danger zone. You can adapt the way of alarming yourself exactly to your liking. It is even possible to put frequently-used routes into bookmarks, accessible through the home screen. This way you can skip the routing setup.

How does it work? The application uses a database of dangerous intersections collected from the authority in the specific area. This information is downloaded together with the app, for the specific area’s you wish to travel in. This way an active WIFI-connection is not needed; you only need a GPS-fix and you are good to go.
Working together with Google? To reach out to a big audience, I suggest working together with Google. They are already implementing databases of restaurants, hotels, etc. in their applications, so they already know a thing or two about that. In return they will provide knowledge of GPS-functions (Google Maps) to the Traffic Sidekick development team.

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De Hulsters Kristof, Hove, Belgium

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