The Walkable Neighborhood v1.0

"Act Local, Think Global", The Walkable Neighborhood aims at targeting the valuable insights gathered from the community and come up with an integrated ecosystem of smart-tech, public-spaces addressing various issues of Safety/Security, Public Hygiene, Public Congregation Spaces and in general making Walking an Interesting Experience.

fLUID fOUNDATION, New Delhi, India

So "Why Don't You Walk?", that is a simple question we asked lot of people, to which we got lots of interesting aspects to work on. From there the approach has been three tiered:

-Why don't people prefer to walk, both in day-time and nigh-time?
Response to that provided us with a domain to work in, issues ranging from Harsh Climate, Pollution, Walking being time consuming, Lack of Sade, Lack of Hangout/Breakout Zones, Lack of Public Utilities, Safety of the Pedestrian were raised.

Simply put, in the existing scenario where a lot of infrastructure is in place, better approach is to adapt and enhance the existing to facilitate the act of Walking. So we lay out focus on the active spaces where people engage in the act of walking i.e. around important NODES. Since people don't prefer walking more than a kilometer on a regular basis mostly because of the harsh climatic conditions, public spaces within a range of 1km from the significant nodes are the area to lay our focus on!

Questioning of the Existing(Street Features), simplest of modifications and interventions can make them more effective and responsive to the pedestrian.

"The Walkable Neighborhood 1.0" is an open-ended diverse approach to make streets more habitable.

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fLUID fOUNDATION, New Delhi, India

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