Somos Cerros is an initiative that promotes civic awareness and appropriation of the Eastern Mountains of Bogotá (Colombia), generating an environmental culture around them. Through cultural, artistic activities, and outdoor activities, the project aims to restore ecological spaces for the citizens, reconnect the communities, and generate a new way of living and experiencing the city and nature.

Fundación Cerros de Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia

Somos Cerros started as a project led by Fundación Cerros de Bogotá (Hills Foundation of Bogotá) with the purpose of generating an alternative way of appropriation for the Eastern Mountains of Bogotá. The general idea of the project was based on using the ecological richness of the mountain chain that surrounds the city to provide citizens with more natural and walkable spaces.

The Eastern Mountains of Bogotá are the source of the vegetation, climate and water systems that provide all the necessary living needs for the city. Although this mountain chain has created a linear natural border that protects the city, and a unique landscape that enriches it, unfortunately most of the citizens are unaware of the great importance of their natural context and don`t behave in an environmental responsible way.

Through artistic, ecological and educational activities with schools, universities and local communities the project seeks not only to provide additional recreational spaces for the city, but also to allow citizens to live and enjoy nature by promoting a more intimate connection with their landscape. This relationship with the space they inhabit allows feelings of community and security to flourish, improving the quality of life of the citizens. The visible effect over the state of mind of some individuals might encourage more citizens to enjoy the mountains and use the pre-Hispanic paths present in them, allowing the re-appropriation of a territory that has always belong to the city, but has only been seen from afar.

Besides this, the initiative aims to strengthen the links between the communities and the eastern border of the city, by recovering basic human relationships and the value of common spaces trough the improvement of social conditions of the primary communities established there.

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