Soft Promenades suggests the act of walking as the most basic and primitive premise for art and architecture, providing a platform for the embodiment of our culture. Not only the cultural transformation of the old oil tank depot built in 70s in Korea, but also we suggest how people get there in order to make a critical impact to the community and the city.

Centis Song + Tru Architects, Seoul, South Korea

We walk, therefore we remember
Seoul, as a metropolis, presents itself as global city, full of exciting objects and events, imbued with continuously changing activity and image. However, we have lost the joy of walking. Wherever we go in the city, there are objects; whose functions and intentionality are fully defined by someone. This crisis of walking ties with our intentional amnesia toward our past and future. Therefore, through these unexpected hidden and rediscovered objects, we want to restore the field condition of walking. Rather than focusing on objects, we want to frame the process of getting to the objects. Rather than defining the purpose and functions in that process, we want to suggest a field of multiplicity where various potentials can emerge.

Promenades for All, Invitation to Culture
1. Main promenade integrating all of the tanks connects to the newly planned accessible trail
2. 0-3% slope from public transportation stations to all five tanks
3. Covered by fabric shading, flexibly installed and detached from a modularized support system, the constant volumetric motion becomes reminiscent of the wind and soundscape beneath it
4. Secondary and tertiary paths are connected to outdoor amphitheater, picnic tables, recreational spaces and temporary open markets
5. Restoring the south parking lot area to its natural slope and transforming it to People’s garden and their growing items will constitute the memory of the forest
6. All above contributes to increased accessibility allowing the cultural facility to be much closer to the people of Seoul

Sacred storage of our time
We preserve the unique void as an instigator of sacred space by embodying the memory of the past and future actions from the sensation we will design. In this vein we use a minimal touch, not even putting large programs inside of the tanks. The original sense of space is preserved and enhanced by adding a sky opening. The sensation of the darkness, repetition of columns and natural light from above, all contribute to the reinvention of the spatial qualities of the library, auditorium and gallery spaces respectively.

Walk Smooth
More than presenting redesigned tanks, we seek to instigate the culture of living in the global city of Seoul by restoring the joy of walking as a primitive and intrinsic experience for all. Soft Promenades strives to frame the stage of culture and quality of living for all people. Creating an environment where they can walk slow, see people who grow peppers, meet with people who sell antique keepsakes, enjoy performances at an outdoor amphitheater, encounter a sacred library and read books under the natural spotlight, view art in the unique gallery space, be a spectator on the stage of memory, and of course meet other people who also walk slow.


Centis Song + Tru Architects, Seoul, South Korea

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