Safer Street, Livable City

To reclaim the streets from motor vehicles and provide streets for people a Walkability campaign is needed.

Rassu Manandhar, Kathmandu, Nepal

In Kathmandu, urban core areas are traditionally designed for walking and communal space for people to meet. But now the streets are largely occupied by motor vehicles, which has not only made the city less walkable but also has contributed to traffic congestion, air pollution, noise pollution, road accidents making the city unsafe and less livable.

Ktm Walks campaign (vehicle free day) was organized in urban core areas of Kathmandu restricting the mobility of motor vehicles for certain period of time The objective of the campaign was to reclaim the streets from motor vehicles, provide safer spaces to walk, cycle, meet, recreational activities and to promote non-motorized transport. Promote socially inclusive and equitable mobility for all and develop vibrant communities with improved quality of life and economic activities.

Air quality monitoring showed restricting the motor vehicles in urban core areas would significantly improve the air quality. A survey in the community showed that majority of them liked KTM Walks Campaign with 73% agreeing to carry out once a month.

During the campaign pedestrians were able to access places faster and more easily. It was socially inclusive, equitable, safe and flexible mode of transport which created a vibrant community with improved quality of life through better social connections.

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Rassu Manandhar, Kathmandu, Nepal

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