Resounding cities – Akoo-o

Resounding cities – Akoo-o

“Resounding cities” departs from a collaborative approach to walking and sound, dealing with cartography, urban interventions, new media, performance, writing, critical thinking and open discussions. Outcomes of our participative actions (walks leading to maps, recordings, videos, performances and texts) were sound walks, exhibitions and a blog connecting walkers in various European cities.

Akoo-o, Athens, Greece

In the project “Resounding cities” we depart from a collaborative approach to walking, dealing with cartography, sound, urban interventions, new media practices, performance, writing, critical thinking and open discussions. The outcomes of our participative (walking) actions and workshops (leading to maps, sound recordings, videos, objects, performances and texts) became part of sound walks, exhibitions in Brussels (RITS School of Arts), Lisbon (Faculty of Fine Arts,- University of Lisbon) and in Athens (metamatic:taf and Athens Science Festival) and resulted in a blog connecting the walkers of the different cities, as Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice and Athens.

Our project is in the first place artistic and critical investigation of the common urban ‘language’ that make us all the global citizens of the ‘same city’. The whole planet has succumbed to an all- encompassing form of inhabitation of the territory, where even the most virgin of spaces is not free of the effects that happen in other places.

The project is conceived as a collective promenadography, a simultaneous writing and reading of the city through the body, as well the creation of a public and artistic laboratory in the space of the city that concentrates on the reconstruction of the urban space.

We intend “to get an urban network into movement” with walking and new media as connecting instrument between European cities, giving a social and artistic input which gives a “ripple” in the urban fabric, an effect towards other cities, through a network of collaborative events and workshops about walking and new media with remote users from other European cities creating associations with spatially distant but imaginary coherent spaces.

In the context of composing a spatialized narrative via walking, the juxtaposition of sound recordings and experiences of different urban environments will suggest the acknowledgement of coherence that emphasizes in the practices of everyday life and urban rituals, rather than the contrast that is implied by the difference of geographical location and cultural background.

Αkoo-o is a group of artists and researchers that use sound and mobility as vehicles of expression and social inquiry. Departing from different fields -such as the visual arts, cultural studies, musicology, anthropology, literature, sound design, music composition and performance- we share a common understanding of sound as a cultural material that transgresses the limits of our disciplines; at the same time, we consider walking to be a cultural-artistic practice that carves pathways between our theoretical milieux and leads to meeting points with others. Our work is based on research, and it includes the process of collaboration in the artistic approach, through workshops and other activities. Since our meeting in 2013 we have worked on common projects and engaged in vivid discussions that involve our interest on sound, mapping, promenadology, the relation between the arts, technological mediation and the city.

Project participants:
Akoo-o & Zoe Arvaniti, Maria Methymaki, Mariza Parasyri (Athens)
Sarah Mylle, Karen Coppens, Amélie Van Campen, Laurens Luyten, Guy de Bièvre (Brussels), the Milena principle (Lisbon), Dzovinar Mikirditsian (Paris), Doris Hakim (Antwerp), Sinan Bokesoy (Istanbul) and Nikos Bubaris (Venice, Madrid).


Akoo-o, Athens, Greece

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