Reimagining Public Space

This project looks to involve local communities in the design process and physical transformation of residual public spaces found along the Transmilenio BRT lanes.

Inty David López González, Bogotá, Colombia

The Creative Integration for Pocket Parks is a proposal designed by a group of young volunteers committed to increasing sustainability in Colombia’s capital. The project looks to involve the local community in transforming residual public spaces created by the construction of the Transmilenio BRT and to promote new spaces for co-existence for Bogota’s citizens.

The project has been presented to the Institute for Urban Development, the government entity responsible for public space in the capital as part of the Urban Sustainability Prize, which Bogota received for its work in implementing sustainable urbanism practices in the last year.

In the first phase of the project, we propose designing a strategy for citizen participation in the intervention in unused public spaces in residential areas. This strategy will be composed of a series of participatory design workshops for local residents. These workshops will seek to define local identities, socio-cultural needs, and individual perceptions of the urban landscape in addition to collecting proposals from the community for intervention in the public space. This information will inform the technical phase of the project. During the execution phase, residents will be invited again to participate in non-technical tasks, like planting trees or creating murals with the goal of creating a sense of belonging in the new public space.

This project also proposes having an open competition for mobile urban design. We will collect technical proposals that will be evaluated using criteria for innovation, universal accessibility, durability and cost of production. We will produce prototypes of the best proposals to display in their respective spaces, and citizens will visit to evaluate and pick the winner.

*The Prize is the first big national initiative rewarding urban sustainability and is open to all municipalities in Colombia. It hopes to recognize and reward Colombian cities for innovative and progressive practices that create cities that are fairer, more inclusive with regards to social and cultural diversity, environmentally friendly and responsible for future generations.

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Inty David López González, Bogotá, Colombia

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