Recycled Street Light Trash Bins

Recycled Street Light Trash Bins

The street light Trash can is a project am realising at my studio where by my target is to walk the streets collect disposed plastic bottles. The plastic bottles shall be shaped in different forms including lamp holders and covers where while installed together the final product is a permanent trash can and when the light bulbs are inserted. We aim encourage people feel safe and happy, walk far.

DESTREETart, Kampala, Uganda

1. Project Summary: Street light trash cans
we aim encourage people feel safe and happy, walk further and in so doing we aim for every light installed has a different shape and new colour to keep you looking for the next one.

2. The Project

Street light Cans is a recycled form of Art by me Kabati Ayub, mostly known as Destreet a creative Ugandan Artist and am strongly willing to partner with other creative artists to introduce this new form of Electric Art in installation which is never this time.

This is a public installation, the trash cans shall be usable by any city to keep the city clean as the trash cans shall be used and the electricity shall be switched on at Night from a one switch control Unit the same the present broken street lights.

Currently cities with old buildings or day beauty city suburbs are a dark at night if not they are light polluted so no one wish to visit them at night for the reason of the hardness to see the ancient meaning , this has limited the liveliness of the city at night. In this proposal we describe how we intend to bring back the night beauty by solving Jinja’s major issues through giving controllable light to the dark corners.

We shall create in this residency a studio and collection area for the materials to be used in our installations. While in our residency we shall have already established a contact person from the city authority who shall take us around both day and night times and at our own paces we shall visit the dark streets of the town and so choosing possible locations where our trash can shall be more useful. In our residency we shall together take a study on my small products already existing in my studio and after thorough brain storming possible ideas and different sketches shall be created among us and more production materials shall be bought.

The production of the Street light cans shall then begin where by plastic bottles shall be turned in shapes , the shapes which shall act as lamp holder and electric bulb cover shall be given double layers for durability, layers shall be turned in too shapes and then a frame work diagram introduced where the layers shall be permanently installed taking not that the layer of the light bulbs there can be technique for opening it in case the bulb is broken so as to insert a new one, also the base or the trash collection/storage unit has to be movable in case it is full so as the trash is removed for continuous public use.

Apart from the robot like structure in the sketch already at my studio, as forms of these Street light trash cans shall be established in different colourful module to give a higher artistic perspective in the city.

In addition to bring back the night beauty of Jinja town this project shall also encourage sanitation and a colourful city hence development where by more room for artists to create similar art works in the other parts of the country even on an international level hence cross-cultural interaction.

The Street light trash cans project is created to unite Arts and the city for the support, well-being, through urbanised development, sanitation, cultural promotion and self-discovery. This new form of co-creation between Art and other actors in society, creates a positive outcome for all stakeholders. Through direct street installation the Art works shall mirror a another site-seeing attraction value in the area just being a new form of public art hence making people feel safe and walk more and more further and at one day making the community walk happily across boarders following the love of Art.

3. Objectives
I. Art protecting the community at night.
II. Sanitation improvement in the city.
III. Controlling light pollution.
IV. Developing a walking path for everyone.
V. Making the city colourful.


DESTREETart, Kampala, Uganda

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