The transformation of left out urban pockets in the city of Tirana into pocket parks through community participation.

Silvi Jano, Tirana, Albania

The Overall Goal of the project:
• To contribute to the catalysation of bottom-up initiatives of city neighborhoods in Tirana through use of creative energy and cultural patterns of the self-organizing networks in participatory planning processes.

Specific objectives of the project are:
• To encourage a full range of local stakeholders (resident citizens, international professionals, policy makers etc.), engage in the process of shaping interventions in their neighborhoods.
• To exchange knowledge, participation and networking of professionals and civic actors in the city in using neglected urban neighborhoods as incubators for social and cultural changes through participatory planning processes.

Target groups and beneficiaries
The primary target groups are neighborhood inhabitants, the existing activists, the young local and international planners, artists, initiators and entrepreneurs, searching to enhance their role in the neighborhood.
The secondary target are cultural institutions looking for partners from other disciplines, local governments, specifically local planning officials looking to utilize local cultural models and knowledge in the urban regeneration on the city level, , and experts and activists from other neighborhoods and the regions.

Expected results
1: Existing local initiatives are identified and connected through the project, while new local initiatives appear
2: Capacities among local actors for participating in the process of neighbourhood –making are increased
3:Experiences and best practices in innovative participatory planning approaches are exchanged between professionals of the Balkan region and in wider Europe
4:Public awareness about the potentials is raised and good practices in participatory city-making are promoted wider.

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