ParkletQro is a tactical urbanism intervention, which generates a safe, friendly and fun transfer space, in the city of Queretaro. Managed to return to the citizens a space that had been dominated by the car.

Oswaldo Bertin Barrios, Querétaro, Mexico

The contemporary city faces several challenges difficult to solve, with limited resources, lack of coordination as well as limited public policy making this even more complex to respond efficient especially following the traditional schemes. Trying to give answers and guide a process of change, tactical urbanism proposes an alternative and collective way of city construction.

By short-term actions, tactical urbanism intends to start long-term changes enriching the social capital of a community. Proposes an alternative way to build city through collective action. in this context, the major focus of this interventions has been in space public.

The public space is par excellence the place of coexistence between inhabitants of a city, spaces that determine the life quality of individuals and therefore a society. That's why we have
the responsibility for claiming and creating places to facilitate civic participation and social interaction. Given the city is increasingly fragmented conceding spaces to the car over pedestrians, allocating spaces as transfer places instead of meeting places

Trying to give an alternative to these challenges, is as it arises ParkletsQro, which is a collective initiative that seeked to improve the fun fact in a public space of the city through an urban intervention which achieved providing citizens with a public space, pedestrian access and secure and friendly mobility space . Also we managed to create awareness and communicate to users the potential to create small strategic actions in the transformation of our city. Where ParkletsQro through the tactical urbanism, managed to return to the citizens a space that had been dominated by the car.

ParkletsQro is the result of an academic project of the School of Architecture at ITESM Campus Queretaro.

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