Palace is one of the main streets in Medellin city, but the sidewalks and 2 of its 5 carlanes are commonly used as parking lots; moreover the commercial shops have opposed the construction of a cyclelane. #PalacéParaTodos is a project that aims to recover the public space for pedestrians occupied illegally and to put pressure on the cyclelane construction.

La Ciudad Verde, Medellin, Colombia

Palace is a street that has 5 car lanes, 2 big sidewalks, and it is frequently used by cars, cyclists and pedestrians. However it is a high speed street, there is no segregated lanes for cars and cyclists, and most of times pedestrians cannot walk on the sidewalks because those are occupied by cars as a parkinglot, so they have to walk on the carlane; both, cyclist and pedestrians jeopardize their lives crossing Palace. #PalaceParaTodos (or #PalaceForAll) is an independent citizen initiative that aims to recover the public space for pedestrian and to pressure a cyclelane construction by the creative occupation of the space, leading different activities like parkingdays, yoga, picnics, symbolic funerals for the justice, etc. Moreover it has a huge impact on social networks, the national media, and on political circles, so it has consolidated a big discussion about public space in the city. Finally it has a citizen call for proposals, that seeks to finance projects related to public spaces recovery

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