noTours – an invitation to get lost

noTours – an invitation to get lost

noTours is an open source software and free web editor for everybody to create and enjoy sound walks on mobile devices. It allows to share your walks and to listen to a mix of real sounds and recordings by wandering around. It is an invitation to get lost, following a path that you choose, building your own narratives as you decide your next steps, on traces of memories and imagination.

Geert Vermeire, Antwerpen, Belgium

noTours is an open source software project and application for Android phones. The online editor and free application is easy to use, open to anyone who wishes to create an own sound walking project.

The editor is a free, simple and intuitive web tool that enables the development of sound walks by everyone . Its main purpose is to define different sound areas in the space and setting how each area will interact with the user.

Our project makes it possible to walk in spaces with an augmented acoustic reality. This alters the perception of space by superimposing new layers sounds to a territory, allowing the creation of parallel realities and connecting the real space with the collective memory of its inhabitants.

It makes possible to acoustically explore and experience the space through a mix of real sounds and recordings that are controlled depending on user´s location and movement.

noTours doesn't constrain the sound walk to a particular path, it invites to wander, to get lost to walk around intuitively in a city. You just enjoy walking and move freely , building your own narratives as you decide your next steps. It is an immersive sound experience without limitations.

It also aims to turn the process that allows some social expressions to be considered cultural heritage upside down, by offering community a tool to participate in the process via creating free and easy their own sound walks.

Using the extended format of touristic audio guides, understanding them as devices giving us information about spaces cataloged as relevant or for the public interest, this project would like to question their real value as well as the official discourses that contain. Our objective is the deconstruction of this old-framed format for designing a new one opened to the collective memory of the inhabitants.

Between fiction and reality, our focus is the intervention on strange or familiar territories and converting them into mutant spaces. Touring them under the effects sound will reveal a hidden city filled with personal stories and interferences.

Evading from the city-panorama model, usually thought as an eminent visual, pan-optic and geometric model, delineated by urbanists and cartographers, it appears for us the necessity of elaborating new sensible itineraries via walking that could question the urban lay out, usually considered as an univocal space.

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Geert Vermeire, Antwerpen, Belgium

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