The project NightLights is an art project portraying one of Leipzigs neglected neighbourhoods. It is a collection of citations, memories and opinions of the neighbourhood that can be discoverd on a nightwalk off the beaten track in the neighbourhood of Leipziger Osten.

hoergehschichten, Berlin/Leipzig, Germany

The project unearths the memories and stories of the inhabitants that usually are hidden behind the facades by bringing them out into the urban space. The stories were gatherd in interviews with passersby, residents and shopkeepers highligthing the different aspects of the area from a very personal perspective.
Written with fluorescent paint and mounted on wooden panels at different locations in the neighbourhood the stories can only be seen during the night. Like a memory that suddenly comes to your mind and then fades away the stories of the local people slowly become visible at dusk and disappear in the morning with the daybreak.
People were able to discover them by strolling around the neighbourhood or participate in a guided nightwalk which also brought life to some of the rarely visited corners of the area.


hoergehschichten, Berlin/Leipzig, Germany

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