Urban walks combined with visits to uplifting neighbourhood projects, raising awareness in the fields of environmental, societal and economic transition

Ira Mollay, Vienna, Austria

"Mut in the City" are urban walks that contain an uplifting and educational element: The participants are invited to visit encouraging and innovative projects and initiatives that want to deliver change. This can be in the form of urban gardening, makerspaces, upcycling workshops, community projects, co-housing projects, responsible shops etc. We use walking as the very natural way of getting from one place to the other. Although the participants don't know each other, walking usually opens them up towards a little chat or even a deeper conversation on the topics provided by our stops, e.g. alternative energies, food sovereignty etc.

The project visits are always hosted by the initiators, who share their stories and challenges. This forms new social bonds via topics of interest while, at the same time, making participants familiar with people active in their neighbourhood or city. Sometimes participants decide to join or support one of the projects visited.

We sometimes incorporate small actions that help reflect on public space and our needs and desires connected with it (actions e.g. free hugs, living monument, making a compliment to a stranger etc.)

The walks also draw the participants' attention towards places that went unnoticed before. They notice the ease of getting around in a neighbourhood on foot.

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