Metanoia is journey of changing one's mind, self, heart or way of life. Metanoia aims to eliminate the social stigma associated with mental illness through a journey that one goes through in order to experience what mental illness feels like. Metanoia proposes a mental health awareness center built as public installation that can be accessed by walking through it.

Lotfi Gayed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Metanoia is the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life. Social stigma has been heavily associated with mental illness. This has led to the destruction of many lives. Many people are held back by the false perception that presents mental illness as shameful and a disgrace. Unfortunately, this region associates symptoms with lack of faith and spirituality. The project intents to raise awareness about mental illness and eliminate the stigma that society relates to it. This proposal aims to lift people’s hopes as they would be able to see light; success by the end of the journey. Throughout, people’s misinterpretation would be transformed. Lack of awareness would be replaced by knowledge, education, and experience. The dark becomes faded. Chaos is then translated into orthodoxy. The target to achieve is to help people help themselves.

As mental illness is usually hidden, people do not recognize that a person is suffering a mental illness. Patients tend to appear in a regular state from the outside and are fighting a war within them; chaos. Approaching this concept, this proposals illustrates a dichotomy between the exterior view at first contact and the interior spaces. Multiple layers compiled one after the other is used to imitate how sufferance and complexity gather to create a mental illness.

The chosen site is a representation of a tight challenging ground that hosts this stigmatized journey. Its location symbolizes Metanoia from the aspect of change. Located in the center of the city, the project site aims to fight the burden that society places on the mentally ill. People’s misconception about mental illness is a discouragement towards cure and a healthy mind. In order to break this complexity, the composition consists of strong gestures to breakthrough this complexity and act as the bridge to hope.

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Lotfi Gayed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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