In its meaning in Japanese, MA refers to the space between neighboring bodies, the gap between both. In a temporal context, refers to the time or the pause that occurs between one and another phenomenon. For this project, the concept of MA refers to the void or the pause as a principle of great importance in both design and art, as well as in public spaces.

Fátima Orendain Amada, Mexico City, Mexico

[ ].ma is inspired in the urban space and how we interact with it. In the city space, the habitants are the principal factors of the constant change of the city form: how they move, how they live them, how they manipulate, etc. and if to this we add the natural flow of the cycle of life: the sun, the rain, the clouds. All of this makes us realize of a space on the move where moments never repeat.

One could say that urban objects are entities that are part of urban space. From spectacular adds, street furniture, buildings, cars and even, public art ; whether sculptures, installations or other artistic expression.

All these objects are in contact in some way or another with passersby and are intermediaries between them and the city itself. We might even say, humans are another object of the city, or another factor that we have to consider while designing it.

This project, [ ].ma is intent to make awareness of the free movement of the people while they walk. Objects in the city design our movement through space, that is why it is always very important to consider voids or free spaces for the walkers freedom.


Fátima Orendain Amada, Mexico City, Mexico

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