Low Trees and Tall Buses

Low Trees and Tall Buses

Low Trees & Tall Buses (WalkIn’ London) is an invitation to discover, explore and create your own London by simply walking around. Your own London? Yep, magic happens when taking a walk is more important than reaching a destination. Bring to life the explorer in you. Reconnect to the space you live in on your own terms. And never ever switch on that GPS.

Anca Rusu, London, United Kingdom

Few cities in the world have so much to offer to walkers. This small-country-big-city called London is an open air museum, but also a constantly changing space, and it can be properly explored only by walking. Getting lost in London can lead to amazing discoveries. Low Trees and Tall Buses is the product of getting lost in this massive city and enjoying every bit of the experience. It’s about discovering the potential of complex urban spaces and remapping our relation to them.

There’s more to walking than the self-explanatory losing weight, keeping fit, saving money, endorphin rush and the like. Walking should also be about enjoying life one step at a time, setting a different rhythm and having a healthy relationship with the environment we live in.The happiest walk is not the shortest route (fastest route is not an option), or the touristic one, or the one dictated by forecast alone. The happiest route is the one you create and explore yourself.

There’s more to walking in urban areas than marking touristic attractions in strenuous “must-see” marches. First of all, this blog encourages you to explore, not to be the project of a guide who did all the exploration before you. This will stir curiosity and a closer relation to home, that city you call home, or that amazing restless world we call London. People need to fall in love with their cities to keep them (and themselves) happy, beautiful and functional.

Alternative ways to find your way around are also encouraged: old printed guides, expired guides, maps, street maps, graffiti, ‘ask a local for directions’, follow the sun, follow the signs. Immersive routes, welcoming breaks, intriguing places, and events shouldn't be avoided.

Walk in London/ Walk the City (the initial names of the project) started as an experiment. I tried the “recommendations” approach, but the city is saturated with publications throwing tons of events ant tips at Londoners. In this overwhelming sea of information and communication, one can paradoxically get easily lost. Then I noticed that I was getting more satisfaction from walking with no map and with no particular destination. I would just choose an area and explore it till the sun set. There is value in the cities we discover ourselves, not those we’re told we should discover. Then I started posting random pictures, suggestions and details not for readers to follow, but to encourage them to go out there and search for their own sunset, ancient tree, perfect falafel. Overall, the blog provides hints and loose details meant to stirs the curiosity of those who just started or want to strengthen their relationship to London.

Nobody's going to time your walks, tell you where to stop and what to order. Recommendations don’t fit everybody.
Low Trees & Tall Buses is not an app, it doesn’t preaches walking for health or losing weight, it’s a companion for those who want to reconnect to the urban space they live in by encouraging them to create their own landmarks.
In its current form the BLOG is a collection of texts and approaches I tested but never really felt like deleting (it’s a process, not a destination, after all). You’ll come across tips, hints and loose details meant to stir that explorer in you.
THE PHOTOS are original and relevant links (other publications) are shared on social media channels.

NOTE: Our project is in the early stages of a longer process. So, keep an eye on this space to get into that flow state that makes every relationship meaningful, makes you forget your phone ran out of battery, and you’re already in zone 6.

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