LA BOHÈME – Pop-Up-Opera

LA BOHÈME – Pop-Up-Opera

The Bohemian friends Rodolfo, Marcello, Colline and Schaunard discuss with their landlord at Michaelerplatz. Musetta flirts with Marcello at Franziskanerplatz in front of small cafés. Rodolfo and Mimi split up tearfully in front of Karlskirche and later Mimi dies inside of Wien Museum.

Anna Bernreitner//OPER-rund-um, Vienna, Austria

At first there is nothing! Suddenly love meets passion, poverty meets artistry, coldness meets awakening of spring and at once in the middle of the street you got caught in an opera.
At famous and popular places, unknown and extraordinary spaces scattered through the whole city of Vienna suddenly Puccinis Opera „La Bohème“ (sung in a german version) pops up and surprises and enchant.
What makes the project so special is, that a lot of different public places in Vienna become our stage and the random passersby our audience. The opera pops up, vanishes and appears somewhere else. Somedays you can only watch two acts at once and you have to come to some other place on some other day to see the other two acts. On some days you can watch the whole play at one day at one place but the different acts wander around the different cornes of the place (for example Karlsplatz).

„La Bohème – Pop-Up-Opera“ acts within the „WIR SIND WIEN.FESTIVAL 2015“. It is a new production of OPER-rund-um.

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