KUDZ Footwear

Quality footwear made with an emphasis on comfort and durability.

Kudzi Synos, Ashford, United Kingdom

KUDZ is a footwear company that aims to make affordable quality trainers for both men and women. Launched from a crowdfunding campaign in 2014 the company is based on a consumer direct strategy focusing on targeting its consumer needs. Within the next five years become nationally retailed footwear company providing casual footwear with quality design and an emphasis on comfort. Bringing quality products with features that other footwear brands lack to customers. Current collection has extra heel support and is made from durable material using pure leather grains.
Our company’s long term mission/objectives
• To become a leader in the European trainer market.
• To have developed the reputation for offering a convenient means of purchasing
Our collection of shoes via our website/not on the high-street – http://www.kudzfootwear.com
• To have become a well trusted website for buying online with a large selection.
• To have a reputation for reliable delivery all over UK.
• To have a well-known reputation for high quality and design.
• To confidently gain sale partnerships outside Europe.

Target Audience and Market Research
Our market has been validated through trade stalls, crowdfunding success https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kudz-footwear and press coverage in publications based in New York, London and Nottingham. Our target audience is comprised of fashion-conscious, teenagers, university students and young adults. They have their own individual style and prefer a simplistic approach in their footwear choices.
KUDZ Shoes’ overall marketing strategy is to focus on providing casual footwear with quality design and an emphasis on comfort. Achieving organic growth has been very successful to this date using the resources of previous universities and social groups. Using organic growth and online promotion for KUDZ shoes, which we feel will increase demand of our product, creating a must-have shoe for every teen household.
Pricing, Sales & Risks
• One the risks KUDZ faces is that of many start-ups which is being invisible, to counter this we have formed relationships with PR firms such as Journo Links and attained as much publicity as possible. The biggest challenge currently is forming a relationship with established retailers like JD Sports/ Office, this will be achieved through an industry mentorship from the Grad Factor. We anticipate the price point of the shoe to be between £59.99 and £79.99.KUDZ Spheres are on sale for £69 on Not on the High-street were one sale has been achieved and another 11 pairs pre sold through crowdfunding at £60 validating the price chosen. For other styles design which have already been produced in sample form they would be upwards of £100.

KUDZ Shoes are designed to be functional and produced with quality materials using only high grained leathers. Consumers of the KUDZ shoe will have the flexibility of having a several of colours and size ranges. The brains behind this business is one post graduate student Kudzi Synos of African origin aiming have solved the challenge of affordable footwear made from durable materials.
The management of KUDZ Shoes will be unique in that is run by a student. Young adults and teenagers as the target market, who else would be better suited to keep a pulse on the fashion tastes of young

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