Koprivnica Health Paths

In the IEE project Active Access, a network of walking paths was designed in order to enhance the walkablity of the city and create a sense of ownership among the citizens. Three years after the completion, the network achieves another boost: the new SUMP, first in Croatia, gives pedestrians and cyclists the biggest role in spatial planning.

Helena Hećimović, Koprivnica, Croatia

IEE project Active Access connected the city administration and a lare number of stakeholders in a common task: evaluate the walkability of the small City of Koprivnica ( 31000) and create a network of walking paths suitable for all users and especially the vulnerable user groups: children, the elderly, the disabled and the sick. In a collaborative process including the city planners, the police, the medical professionals, kindergarten and school children, citizen roups, walkin and cycling clubs, toursit authorities and the media, a network of Health Walking paths was designed. The safest routes to school, hospital, recreational and shopping areas were defined. The paths were named after their most attractive features and promoted in partnership with their "sponsors": a food-processing company, the toursit authority and the fruit and veetable market.
Three years after the completion of the project, the network is included into a larger project: the successful partnerships are used as a basis for an even more ambitious public participation process: the development of the first SUMP in Croatia, which confirms pedestrianst and cyclists as the most important users of the public space. After two yeras, the SUMP development process is reaching its final stage and iits adoption is expected for July 2015. It will result in a number of new pedestrian zones and shared spaces, enlarged zones of calm traffic and an even greener city.
Even more ambitiously, the City of Koprivnica is sharing its good practice with other cities in the region, through a newly established South -East Europe SUMP Competence centre.


Helena Hećimović, Koprivnica, Croatia

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