Knocking Bird

Knocking bird is an e-culture project, based on walking and ecology, in Sint-Niklaas (B). 15 residents from all over Europe came to walk with locals in the city and the landscape around, to exchange experiences, explore the relation between new technology and walking and create collaboratively a locative media walk about the walking experiences and the relation between their cities and nature.

WIT Urban Team, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Knocking bird is an e-culture project, based on walking and with an ecological engagement, organized by the city of Sint-Niklaas and WIT Urban Team in collaboration with international new media artists and environmental and ecological organizations.

Points of departure were a series of creative meetings with residents, walks and artistic urban interventions on foot by WIT Urban Team within an European event with fifteen residents from different European cities to explore the city of Sint-Niklaas and its surroundings by foot during a week, transformed in artistic results and in personal contributions about nature and city, via workshops about walking, new media and the relation between nature and the city.

Fifteen residents of European cities explored the city of Sint-Niklaas by foot, together with locals, new media artists and urban experts from Spain, Greece, Germany and Poland and with WIT Urban Team. Alternative walks in the city were alternated with the discovery of new media and with the creation of a locative media walk, next to various meetings with residents of Sint-Niklaas. Together with residents and with WIT Urban Team the European group created urban interventions and meeting zones, reflecting the relation between human beings and nature in the city.

About WIT urban team, w celebrate the poetry of everyday life, the mystery of the banality, the tranquile beauty of the moment. Leaving a work of art in one place, that needs attention and care, is like a bouquet of flowers for a loved one. The city as a living body. Man as a part of it's breathless whispering .... "We become panoramic, we become one"
WIT reintroduces a form of street performance on the occasion of Coup de Ville. WIT sources of inspiration are the Fluxus movement and the French Situationist international, which stubbornly explored the town and carried out their performances.
WIT continuously examining the fabric of the city, looking for dysfunction, imperfect aesthetic interventions and neglected spaces or locations that invite the making of a statement. What the team does, happens at irregular intervals, is temporary, and is in no way populist.

Although the action group is dressed in black and wears an armband with their logo, their methods are inclined towards a philosophy of peaceful resistance. Their actions are almost contemplative and occur without much noise, which means they function more like warnings. They hope to stimulate the consciousness of others with a small gesture, so that in future, change will occur. The actions are documented with photographs and video recordings, and they can be viewed on the website of the WARP art platform. The first action that WIT undertook, was placing a black armband around the crush barriers that so marred for many months the sculpture of Marin Kasimir on the station esplanade in Sint-Niklaas.

This project was realized with support of Grundtvig, Lifelong Learning Programme, Education and Culture, European Union.


WIT Urban Team, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

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